You say Apple is having difficulties boss?
You need help, and a preemptive multitasking, multithreaded, protected mode OS?
Now let me think.....
Thali (A tray of small dishes, each with a different food):
The Grand Hyatt, Tokyo Jun. 26th
Welcome to India Oct. 13th
Hello? Hello? Oct. 16th
Astrology and High Finance: Oct. 18th
Safety in the Workplace: Oct. 19th
Desktop Publishing: Oct. 20th
Use What You Have: Oct. 25th
Spontaneous Generation: Oct. 27th
Seat Covers: Oct. 29th
A New Home: Oct. 30th
Halloween in India: Oct. 31st
Predictability: Nov. 1st
Oops!: Nov. 2nd
Our Servants: Nov. 3rd
Gang Beg: Nov. 4th
Electronics City: Nov. 8th
Being a Brahmin: Nov. 9th
Traffic Accident: Nov. 10th
Perceptions and Reality: Nov. 11th
The Honeymoon: Nov. 19th
ndiranagar: Our New Home: Nov. 20th
Mosquitos: Nov. 21st
Monkey Menace: Nov. 22nd
Thanksgiving: Nov. 23rd
The Barbers of Tirupathi: Nov. 24th
The Night Watchman: Nov. 25th
Bribery: Nov. 26th
The Twelve Icky Fluids: Nov. 27th
Powerbooks and PrimeMinisters: Nov. 28th
Getting Sick. Again: Dec. 3rd
New Delhi Traffic: Dec. 8th
ChandiChowk - The Venice of New Delhi: Dec. 9th
Diffusion of Innovations: Dec. 10th
Sathya Sai Baba: Dec. 12th
CannonFire and Coconuts: Dec. 15th
Gracie’s Funeral: Dec. 19th
A Christmas Bonus: Dec. 22nd
Christmas and Ayappa: Dec. 24th
The Coconut Telegraph: Jan 1st
Pongal: Jan. 7th
Getting a Seat Belt: Jan. 14th
Joseph Campbell: Jan. 15th
Loan Sharks and Lies: Feb. 5th
The Network - Getting Things Done in India: Feb. 7th
What’s Wrong with this Picture?: Feb. 8th
A Visit to Home Depot: Feb. 10th
A Spiritual People: Feb. 16th
New Delhi and Elvis: Feb. 17th
A Kali Festival: Feb. 18th
Cooking in the Kitchen: Feb. 25th
Office Party: Feb. 28th
Beggars & Tourists: Mar. 27th
A Muslim Wedding: Mar. 30th
Erotic Rain: Apr. 1st
India Abroad: Apr. 11th
Ayaz Khan, the Tailor: Apr. 12th
Lying, Cheating, and Winning: Apr. 21st
Silk Saris, and Psychologists: Apr. 24th
Indirection - An Indian’s Best Friend: Apr. 25th
Who’s the Boss?: Apr. 27th
Pune and a Visit to the Chief of Police: May 5th
When Fortune Smiles: May 7th
Managing Worldwide - Power Distances: May 10th
On the Interviewing Trail: May 11th
Mango Season: May 13th
American Values: May 19th
Stranger in a Strange Land: Jun. 23rd
Marriage in the Air: Jul. 12th
Macintosh? What’s a Macintosh?: Jul. 14th
S.S. Oberoi, Secretary of the Department of Electronics: Jul. 19th
Arranged Marriage: Jul. 20th
Fire on the Road: Aug. 7th
The Capitol Hotel: Aug. 9th
Moving - A Menial Experience: Aug. 12th
Staying Healthy: Aug. 14th
Finding a Job Indian Style: Aug. 18th
Effective Communication?: Aug. 19th
Teaching Newcomers: Aug. 22nd
Power - Reality and Illusion: Aug. 28th
B.S.’ing With the Boys: Aug. 29th
Vaastu - Being an Architect in India: Oct. 20th
Dussera, and Drinking: Oct. 21st
A Bus Disaster: Oct. 22rd
Jude’s Marriage: Oct. 23rd
Traveling in Noida: Oct. 24th
Finally! A Bank Account: Nov. 7th
On Pilgrimage in South India: Dec. 30th
Priests, Piety, and Petty Gain: Dec. 31st
New Years Day in Madurai: Jan. 1st
Passing Strangers: Jan. 28th
The One-Eyed S#!tting Monkey: Feb. 8th
Fishy Politics: Feb. 10th
The Antique Dealer: Mar. 9th
The Gift of the Magi: Mar. 12th
Saying Goodbye: Mar. 13th


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