Ganesha: Patron saint of writers - remover of obstacles.  
Ganesha blesses all beginnings. 
The Grand Hyatt, Tokyo - Jun. 26th
I've been offered a rare opportunity. Apple Computer has hired me to help expand their operations in India. Although I am of Indian descent, I have never lived in India, and I don't speak Hindi. How can I pass up a chance like this? I am being asked to set up a software division in Bangalore, the Silicon Valley of India, providing consulting software engineering to the U.S. I've spent this week meeting my fellow teammates who are responsible for Ireland, China, Singapore, Japan, and now Bangalore! In 3 to 4 months I am expected to move Sue and myself to India, and set up shop. Meanwhile I am enjoying the finest hotel in Tokyo. Shibui interiors with deep greens and blacks. A toilet which has a seat with a dialable temperature and a magic wand which washes…. well you get the idea. One of our team sits next to Sting at breakfast. Bill Gates checks out of the hotel room next to me. Life is unbelievable. Next stop India.
Welcome to India - Oct. 13th
Well this is it. We are now officially here to stay for three years. We’ve landed in Bombay. The plane flew around the mountainous area of Bombay, and for a few moments it looked like we were going to land in a pre-historic jungle - like an old B movie about dinosaurs. Then we saw the other side of the mountain. Slums in every ravine and crevice.  We landed, and waited for a while. The runway was being dug-up. Out-side I could see another slum. Two children were flying small kites higher and higher. Their favorite sport here is to do kite battles; the kite strings have small bits of ground glass, which they use to cut down each other’s kite.